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I have uploaded my two most recent projects' documentation to my files section- Bath Oils and Remedies. :)

Coming Soon- Roman Acopon and Sinapisms (treatment for arthritis, lethargy, and epilepsy, among others)- things made with mustard, turpentine, and goat dung...

Haven't tried the remedies yet, but I am pleased to report that I HAVE tried the bath oils!

Bath Oils trip report: I have been using my Roman bath oils on my arms for about a week now. I have showered/bathed without soaping my arms, then have applied the Moringa oil with cypress scent post-bath. Then I scrape the oil off with a reed.

The oil and scraping really does remove the dead surface skin cells and dirt and stuff, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nice. The scent of the cypress oil lingers for a couple hours then vanishes- at no point have I smelled like oil in any way since I began this, and this includes several days of working outdoors in the sun etc. I was only using it on one arm in the beginning, and Brad could not tell which arm was soaped and which arm was oiled. Moringa oil is one of the most expensive oils that Pliny mentioned, and so far it is working nicely. I think that if I were using a cheaper oil it might smell a little more/different, but this stuff is pretty awesome. Two thumbs up!

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