Fausta's Facets

Sometimes, experiments fail. This is one of those experiments. I set out to make a Roman oil lamp mold like this

so that I could make a lot of lamps for largesse or what have you. First, I made a solid clay master of how I wanted the lamp to be. Then, I made top and bottom molds of the master. Then I rolled some clay out and used the molds to make the top and bottom pieces and then put them together. BOY, did I learn a lot from this project- mostly what NOT to do for next time. The lamp top has to be much bolder for the clay to take the impression well, and I needed to use way more mold release on the top half, since some of the finer details broke off during removal of the clay master. So, I will use the perfectly good bottom mold to make a new master and we will start again! :D Sometimes, you just have to fail, because it helps the learning and experimentation process. :) The photo process is below because I am still figuring out how this blog program works :)

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